Good Afternoon ARBP Members,

I wanted to start by thanking all of those who joined us for the 2019 Summer ARBP Meeting in Columbus.  Together, we were able to have a great discussion about the different funding systems we have in each of our states, and we now have direction moving forward on a collaborative research project.  As a follow up from that meeting, I wanted to share materials and resources from the meeting, as well as the framework we developed for collaborating on our research project.

Materials & Presentations:

Mike Petko was kind enough to set up a google drive with a large set of resources, as well as the presentation decks.  Below is a link to that google drive:

Joint Research Project:

For our joint research project, we will begin by collecting data on a battery of specific questions on the funding systems in each state.  We will establish a working group to develop these questions, along with guidance on how to answer these questions (essentially, a guide to working through any potential grey areas).  These questions will be developed over the course of the next two months, with a tentative deadline of August 31st, 2019 to establish the questions.

After we have established the questions we will answer for each state funding system, we will begin the work of answering those questions.  For states where we have ARBP members, we will ask our members to volunteer their time to answer each of the developed questions.  For states where we do not have ARBP members, we will seek partners based in those states who have expertise on education issues and share our values to assist in answering questions for those states.  In cases where we cannot establish partners, we will seek ARBP members who are willing to research the funding systems in those states.

At the December meeting, we will share the results of our work and discuss the next steps and how we can use this research to advance the dialogue on school funding systems and create research products that will meaningfully impact the work of our members.

For those interested in the working group to develop questions on state funding systems, please contact Alex Nelson at by July 17th.  For this group, we will have an initial correspondence about how to share our work, and subsequently we’ll have a check in call at the end of July and the end of August.

In Solidarity,